The Rashtriya Judgement Group also publishes a Hindi Daily Newspaper & Monthly Magazine. It provides current news and informative in depth articles on politics, sports, lifestyle, economics, cinema, science and technology, humour, social media, art and architecture etc. Eminent writers and experts of various fields are contributing in this endeavour. www.rashtriyajudgement.com is an online interaction, opinion and commentary platform to the Rashtriya Judgement Group.
Digital Media is being seen around the world as a new dimension.The news source has gone through the print media, electronic media, and has come in to our mobile phone. Any event that occurs anywhere around the world immediately reach you through the digital media. With this trend in mind the “Rashtriya Judgement” has been established in the form of a website.
We are active on Facebook Twitter and all other social media platforms through which we can interact with you about all development around you wether with in the country beyond its boldus.
A group of our skilled and industrious journalists are working round the clock to cover and pass on the latest news to you at the fastest speed we also make available to you in depth analysis of all developments that effect our life.
In addition to the “Rashtriya Judgment” website, we are publisheing a daily newspaper and a monthly magazine. Which are popular in Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Delhi, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar ETC.

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